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Where is Hugh F. Blair Buried?

His obituary states that Hugh was buried on the McMaster farm between Hartstown and Atlantic when he died. The 1876 Crawford County, PA, atlas for East Fallowfield Township shows the two properties owned by a J. McMaster (owned at the time of his death by Thomas Patton) just outside of Atlantic. It is guesstimated that the name of this cemetery is the Patton Cemetery. Can anyone verify this? Do any remnants of the cemetery remain? Have also received a suggestion that this could be the McMaster Cemetery at 41.518689 and -80.382690 . Can anyone verify this one? Does anything remain of a cemetery at this location?
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What Became of Nancy Jane Blair?

Nancy, who was born about 1863, is still living with her brothers and sisters in the 1900 census for West Fallowfield Township. By 1910 she is no longer living with them. What happened to her? Did she marry after the 1900 census? Did she pass away? There is an empty grave space in her sibling plot in the Linesville Cemetery that was meant for her. Is she buried here without a tombstone - or is she somewhere else? A check of on-line newspapers and family trees was not successful in finding her.
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What Happened to Wanda Ruth Craig Glancy?

Wanda's last child was born about 1929 and she is still found in the 1940 census for West Mead Township - but then she disappears from the records. When her husband died in 1962, he was married to Theresa Drucilla Snyder Brown (who later married Harold Preston Seeley). Did Wanda die and her husband remarry? If so, she MAY be buried in the Linesville Cemetery with one of her infant children - but nothing in the records verifies that at all, so just mere assumption. She could also be buried in Conneautville with her mother Laura Fleming Craig Smith or wherever her father is buried (he died when she was less than 2 years of age) - but I don't know where he is buried. They lived in the Cussewago/Woodcock Township areas. Wanda is a huge puzzle - I would just love to find out what happened to her, and where she is buried!
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Who is JIM Buried at the Baldwin-Snyder Cemetery?

Let's help give Jim a name, dates and family! This simple tombstone, marked only with "JIM" on it, rests to the immediate right of William and Elizabeth Ryerson Wintermute's family monument. I traced some of their line and could not find a Jim. Is this Jim Wright? Can anyone help fill in the large gaping holes in this man's story?!
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