1. No ATVs, snowmobiles, or bicycles allowed on cemetery grounds. Skateboarding and rollerblading is prohibited. You may walk your dog on the cemetery paths, but please pick up after them and do NOT throw your waste bags in the trees. There are many trash cans located throughout the cemetery instead of throwing them in the trees or over the embankment.

  2. Plastic and artificial flowers are currently allowed. We are one of few cemeteries that allow them. They will be removed and disposed of by the caretakers when the flowers are deemed faded, or past the holiday for which they were placed.

  3. All flowers and decorations must be in urns, pots or other containers and must be placed within 12 inches of the tombstone and on the SIDES of the stone and not in front or behind the stone, unless they are on a shepherd's hook. Glass containers or decorations of any kind are prohibited. NO wooden decorations of any kind may be used in the cemetery. NOTE: the reason that decorations must be on the SIDES of the tombstone - the area in front of the tombstone actually belongs to the grave in the row in front of that stone. Our graves go from the beginning of the tombstone to the beginning of the tombstone in the row BEHIND it.

  4. Plants and small shrubs that you would like to plant at the cemetery may be placed in the ground and MUST be planted at the ends of the tombstone. They can not be planted in front of, or behind the stone. No tree planting without express permission from the cemetery association.

  5. Winter wreaths and decorations must be removed by April 1st or the cemetery caretakers will remove them and dispose of them.

  6. All shrubbery, plants, trees and other decorations determined to be out of control by the Cemetery Association or caretakers will be removed.

  7. You may not fence in a cemetery plot, place rocks, mulch or other such landscaping materials on or around the grave.

  8. Decorations may not be placed beyond 12 inches from the headstone. Any decorations, flowers, etc., placed outside of the 12 inch limit will be removed and disposed of by the caretakers.

  9. Footstones are no longer permitted.

  10. NOTE: All new burials here MUST have a burial permit. Even for cremations - you can not simply place cremated remains in this cemetery without a burial permit provided by a funeral home or crematorium, and placed in the cemetery records. There is also a fee for every set of cremains buried in our cemetery, this helps maintain the cemetery (mowing, grass trimming, etc.) If the remains are coming from out of state, we must have a permit from the state they came from. That burial permit MUST be on file with the Linesville Cemetery Association. No interments, inurnments or cremains can be placed here without our permission.