Family: Samuel Bunnell / Rebecca B. Hetfield (F1000)

m. 30 Nov 1850

Family Chart 

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Samuel Bunnell
Male (1780-1852)
Rebecca Hetfield
Female (1781-1860)
Sarah H. Bunnell
Female (1804-1881)
Jane Bunnell
Female (1809-1876)
Eliza Bunnell
Female (1812-1901)
Frances Bunnell
Female (1814-1884)
Hanah Bunnell
Female (1819- )
Aaron W. BunnellAaron W. Bunnell
Male (1824-1890)
Ezra Darby Hetfield
Male (1796-1890)
Sarah S. Meeker
Female (1799-1876)
Phebe Meeker Hetfield
Female (1814-1899)
Ogden Meeker Hetfield
Male (1818-1908)
Sarah Hetfield
Female (1831-1923)
Charlotte Hetfield
Female (1828-1899)
Mary Jane Hetfield
Female (1835-1927)
Hannah Hetfield
Female (1838- )
Samuel Bunnell
Male (1821-1896)
Rebecca B. Hetfield
Female (1824-1906)
Fraziel Lee Bunnell
Male (1856-1926)
Eva Bunnell
Female (1866-1947)
Daniel Lee BunnellDaniel Lee Bunnell
Male (1861-1925)
Ezra H. Bunnell
Male (1858-1862)
Sarah M. Bunnell
Female (1851-1853)