Family: Samuel A. Brooks / Eunice Whaley (F3136)

Family Chart 

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Samuel Brooks
Male (1768-1857)
Mary Garwood
Female (1775-1856)
Asa Brooks
Male (1796-1865)
Joel Brooks
Male (1797-1813)
Rachel BrooksRachel Brooks
Female (1799-1881)
Leah Brooks
Female (1801- )
Jesse P. Brooks
Male (1804-1862)
Isaac Brooks
Male (1806-1885)
John Brooks
Male (1812-1878)
Joseph Brooks
Male (1814-1892)
Aaron Brooks
Male (1816-1879)
Eli Brooks
Male (1822-1901)
Thomas Whaley
Male (1782-1846)
Elizabeth Kent
Female (1784-1879)
Henry Hubbard Whaley
Male (1805-1877)
Nancy Whaley
Female (1808-1883)
William Wells Whaley
Male (1811-1903)
Althea Whaley
Female (1812-1904)
Lydia Whaley
Female (1821-1904)
Rachel Whaley
Female (1824-1911)
Harriet Whaley
Female (1826-1827)
Samuel A. Brooks
Male (1809-1882)
Eunice Whaley
Female (1813-1903)
Eli BrooksEli Brooks
Male (1837-1910)
Huldah Brooks
Female (1839- )
Lovina Brooks
Female (1848-1889)