Family: Valentine Carnes / Alfretta "Ettia" Litwiler (F7730)

Family Chart 

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Gabriel CarnesGabriel Carnes
Male (1818-1900)
Sarah TerrillSarah Terrill
Female (1815-1884)
John CarnesJohn Carnes
Male (1840-1845)
Authilla CarnesAuthilla Carnes
Male (1840-1910)
Martha A. CarnesMartha A. Carnes
Female (1844-1860)
Mary Jane CarnesMary Jane Carnes
Female (1846-1894)
Hulsey CarnesHulsey Carnes
Male (1849-1902)
Luther Carnes
Male (1851-1916)
Albert Carnes
Male (1855-1895)
Valania CarnesValania Carnes
Female (1860-1860)
Isaac R. Litwiler
Male (1833-1918)
Perry Eugene Litwiler
Male (1857-1942)
Delma A. Litwiler
Female (1859-1940)
Henry W. Litwiler
Male (1862-1945)
Victor Hugo Litwiler
Male (1864-1918)
Nettie May LitwilerNettie May Litwiler
Female (1868-1908)
Asa Litwiler
Male (1870- )
Burt L. Litwiler
Male (1870-1936)
Ross Martin Litwiler
Male (1873-1941)
Fidelia Litwiler
Female (1875-1963)
Valentine CarnesValentine Carnes
Male (1847-1899)
Albert H. Carnes
Male (1875-1929)
Altamont M. Carnes
Male (1877-1915)
Almon B. Carnes
Male (1877-1937)
Irene Carnes
Female (1880- )